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A collage of David Lewis' pottery made over the last 20 years or so. All wheel thrown and hand built. I learned from great people such as Roger Kerslake, David Eales and Eric and Cathy Lindgren.  I started by attending a couple of night school ceramics classes at Georgian College in Barrie, Ontario and later worked at the Huntsville Tile Company for a stint.  This was just a fun site just because I can.

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The Early Work - Dartmoor Pottery

A Bit Later - Georgian College Night School Ceramics

Relatively Recent

This was a large jar that was started several times, but that is the way of clay. It is nothing if not forgiving until it meets fire.  The first jar was far too heavy and cracked. I turned it back into clay and threw the three sections again. It is being fired momentarily.

Remarkable Work by my Mom, Leda McAlister

Kathy's Pottery